Plutocracy and aristocracy Vs. Socialism and a Civil Society

We are losing ground and while we are losing ground we are losing our way toward a civil society. The progress that we made in the last century are vanishing and the glistening city on the hill is tarnished by none other than greed and injustice.
Of course I understand that many people who are my contemporaries will not see the situation at home with the same lens that I view America with; but I am writing this plea in the hopes of finding common ground. I do not want to divorce the right and I am not only standing for the left, but I can no longer believe that want stands for centrists policies are good for any one except the ruling class.
I concede that 99% might be a stretch and certainly when I glibly refer to the wealthy I am making a common mistake and the right should take me to task. I am not opposed to “the wealthy”. However, I am opposed to a system of banking and corporate greed that perpetually makes it’s wealth on the backs of the civilization at large.

Capitalism is not the enemy and being rich is not a crime.

Corporatism and fraud and money scheming and inside trading as well as derivatives and shaky hedge funds that bet on the losses of its own constituents — these are not among my favorite things. Furthermore, I can not understand why anyone would be in favor of a system that leans towards these lack-justice financial mechanisms. I hear stories every day of how this one lost all his credit and that one is paying on a house that is underwater or this bank can sell a house bas is with no disclosures when you or I could never to that, if indeed we even wanted to do that.

Fair play has left the market and as the right cries that it is regulations that have soured our economy, the left is equally convinced that it is unmitigated deregulations that have caused the fall. What we are seeing, nonetheless is a world where money is fast “trickling” up ward and settling into the pockets of the already mega-wealthy. This while millions of other Americans are heading into a winter of such discontent that there will be no coal for the furnaces and no decent food on the tables and no available health care for well over fifty million people.
50,000,000 million people are poor or entering poverty this year.

I heard an announcer asking a republican candidate what should happen to a woman who has lost her job and therefore her health benefits and the response was, “she should get onto her husband’s policy.” Is this a sin or a crime to be so clueless as to not understand that good people can run into hard times. And, is it so much to expect of a society to establish safety nets for those unfortunates who fall from grace and are in need of a helping hand to get back up. And what do you tell the 10% or so who have no work because there is no work. Whose health care policy do they get onto.

It is as if, a certain crust of the society has had it so good that they can not understand how it is possible for someone working all week at minimum wage to end the week with not enough money to house, feed, clean and take care of his family.

The division of the world into haves and have nots is a growing condition in our global aristocracy. The condition of poverty is not a choice any more than being homosexual is a choice. Some conditions are born into people and if our world is not interested in helping to eliminate this condition of poverty, the wealthy will see that as the number of proletariats grow the condition for revolution also grows. When a civil society can not make room for all of it’s members, then at some point the population that has been left behind out of carelessness will rise up against the ruling class and the poor will have no mercy for the rich that have carelessly abused them.

The only way to avoid an ugly global civil war will be to grow the awareness that class structure needs to up hold and protect it’s middle classes. When the efforts of the middle class unite with the strength in numbers of the world poor there will be an up rising. This is not an empty threat. This is a growing reality.

Right now, Occupy Wall Street Is a struggling infant just attempting to get up on it’s feet. But as this movement grows into it’s own, the shear strength of numbers will begin to reflect the inevitability that violence will escalate. Human nature is an animal nature and it moves in all cases toward survival. When the conditions are ripe an explosion of resentment will erupt from the masses. Marie Antoinette lost her head for carelessly uttering, “let them eat cake.”.

Civil disobedience does not have to be a constitutionally given right. Pushed to the brink the human being will fight for it’s dignity. All we need are numbers. If we are willing to stand up and believe in what we see, and if we are willing to pass that knowledge forward, we will see an uprising that will remove the greedy and the unjust from power. I think that occupy wall street is that movement that will host it’s own Tea Party by the next American spring.

Stand up and be willing to be counted.

Dr. A. Dussault
Charlestown, rhode island

the kidnapping of amerika


I have no photos to accompany this post.  I have no clever words & I find myself very angry and sad as I sit down to write this.

I have long been disillusioned with the capital/corporate/money oriented fashion that my country has become.  Most of society organizes itself around the acquisition of money.  Now I am aware that currency is only symbolic and that good people make good money in order to do good deeds once they have fully fed themselves.  And it may be only a small number of people who carefully orchestrate and lobby for causes that have very little or few,  socially redeeming features.  But that minority that sits atop of Wall Street has a powerful impact on the lives of the multitude of people on whom these giant cats trickle down.

Actually, I do not like the phrase “trickle-down”.  I prefer to think of it more like they are pissing on us.  Yes, the gigantic, fat, cats of Wall Street are pissing on my American Dream.  And, I have never like it, but now I am beginning to hate it. Now I am beginning to understand how revolutions come about.

Do you know what Wall Street is consulting the American Health Industry to do.  They are consulting our health care system to NOT improve because it will be a financial windfall for wall street if my health care and your health care continues to be broken and continues to break even further.

Wall Street is saying, bluntly, because they are too big to fall, so they can now bluntly say stuff like…

“A Goldman Sachs analysis of health care legislation has concluded that, as far as the bottom line for insurance companies is concerned, the best thing to do is nothing. A close second would be passing a watered-down version of the Senate Finance Committee’s bill.

A study put together by Goldman in mid-October looks at the estimated stock performance of the private insurance industry under four variations of reform legislation. The study focused on the five biggest insurers whose shares are traded on Wall Street: Aetna, UnitedHealth, WellPoint, CIGNA and Humana.”

Right next to Wall Street protecting the coffers of the mega-rich, we have the health care executives calling for actions that would also prevent health care reform:  “The nation’s largest health insurance carrier is urging its employees to lobby the Senate against reform proposals that would hurt the firm’s bottom line, according to copies of e-mails released Thursday by a liberal advocacy group.”

Did you hear any of this on the 6:00 o’clock news?  Did you see this in a local newspaper?  Are people talking about this in beauty parlors and barber shops?  I don’t hear it.  I am not even hearing concern, except perhaps an occasional remark that we should do something because “things” are really getting bad.

Folks, things are not getting bad–they are bad.  China owns us.  We owe our Trillion dollar debt not to our little piece of plastic credit card that we carry in our back pocket.  We owe it to China.  My grandchildren will not live the American Dream.  They will live some bastardized form of a China Dream…

Do you know that small towns in Chili  who were until recently living moderately comfortable lives by buying direct from the market place where the farmers and the manufactures would bring their good, do you know that now these small towns buy from Wal-Mart using a wal-mart issued credit card that carries up to a 50% interest rate….

Why should we care–for God-Sake, Al–that is going around half way around the world and in a different hemisphere. What does that have to do with me, you say….Well  read this, if you dare:

“It didn’t even surprise her to hear about a consumer whose rate went from 8.65 percent up to a whopping 30 percent.

That’s what the companies are saying. “They’re saying they’re forced to do these things to cover their losses due to unemployment and just the general economy,” Hudson said.
But, there’s more insult to the injury. Hudson said the big credit companies already have a lot of your money.
“Even though they got bail-out money — they got tax-payer money — which some people will say, they got billions of dollars, why are you having to still increase these rates for consumers? They’re saying it’s not enough to cover their losses”
“That’s pretty common,” she said Thursday. “Right now we’re hearing a lot of that.”

One more tip: “While you can now, pay off your debt as quickly as possible,” Hanson said. “Try to keep it below 30% of your available credit.”    –

This is one of my weekly installments on my blog page.  It isn’t pretty.  I have not included smart, cute little drawings or photos with this essay.  I have not done so, because the subject matter is so damn ugly to me.  It is a shame on the amerikan conscience that we the voters have let ourselves be hoodwinked .  While decent republicans argue with decent democrats, a host of indecent corporate thugs have hijacked amerika.  While we sat here discussing if it was o.k. for Jack to love John, or should Mary be allowed to have a private discussion with her physician about an abortion, our country was kidnapped and we are plum out of cash.  We can’t pay the ransom.  “They” will not give us back our government of the people, by the people and for the people.  The Too-Big-To-Fail are turning our democracy into an oligarchy, an aristocracy that will make King George of England look like a benevolent Lord….

I pledge alliance to wall street and to the lobbyist for which it stands, one nation under money