If Only……
If only I were a heron, I would wake the world
with a cry of joy that the rivers and the forests
and the steams were here for me to employ.  I would
open my eyes and look at the closest thing to me
and I would say, Good Morning, I Love You.
If only I were a heron, I would waddle slowly
through the grasses and I would dip my wings
in the holy waters and I would thank God for the
wonderful world that she created for me.  I would
slowly lift my spirit and my wings would, with a
deep and heavy flapping, lift me about the riff
that is the earth and I would glance down and
glimpse the wonders that were mine for the taking.
If only I were a heron i would cast a shadow over
the water below me and I would watch as i became
a miracle in flight.  If only I were a heron, my life
would flow timelessly through space and my instincts
would guide me even as I had no consciousness of God.
If only I were a heron, and “if-only” only worked like a dream….