86 Sanctuary Road


This blog was developed after hearing Reverand  Betty Kornitzer’s sermon today.  This is the second time this month that I am inspired to write about my Sanctuary.  Home is form like ever other piece of material is form.  However, while my body still has form, I am ever grateful for having a home, a place to return to even when the world is very kind and loving I never fail to feel the blessing of Home when I arrive and smell the unique smells that make up my Sanctuary, see the unique sights that illuminate my sanctuary and taste the feeling of my soul at home.

Home is where I put myself together when I feel broken. It is where my shoes slip off safely by the door and sit beneath where my sweater hangs.  It is the cool breeze that comes up from the lake in the spring and the brutal winds that come up over the lake mid-winter.  It is where I express my joys and where I express my sorrows.

I spent a life time admiring the Transcendentalist of the mid nineteenth century, those noble men & women from Concord who gave us American Literature.  But recently, only since I moved into this cabin on “Walden-Pond South,” I have become aware that I am a Transcendentalist in my own right.  And, moreover, I love the revolutionary, self-reliant man that this movement provides for me.  Emerson and his contemporaries, lived in communes, despised the urbanization of the woodlands, cultivated their own food & friends, they shared their bounty and commiserated  their joys. The love of Nature and the idea that we are each capable of discovering our own inner divine these are still concepts that we can live with in 21st century Amerika.

Forest Church, a Unitarian Universalist minister who just passed away this past September is quoted as talking about fear in this manner:  Fear, he said, protects us not from death, but from life.  I loved that he spoke of people dying from healthy life styles, people die who have low cholesterol, people die while jogging, while cooking whole foods and even in the midst of prayer.  This a paraphrase, but I love the picture that it creates for me. I s0 often feel that right-action will protect me from death.  Actually, nothing can do that.  But what I do need protection from is my own self-serving ego.  And the place where I can most easily put my ego to rest and awaken the soul in me, is at Home–in my case, 86 Sanctuary Road.

Find a home for your soul to rest & everything else will flow from that fountain of security.  Impermanent as it is, home is as close to security as we can find any place on earth.