The Great Bell Chant


Spiritual awakening is not something that happens only once, just before

we begin the rest of our life…it has to consciously be

made to happen many times and over and over again…

it can begin with bumping into a moment of beauty, like

this incredible tree displaying a last burst of color before winter.


Or we can make it happen by developing a practice of listening to a bell and letting the fading sound draw us for a moment into the stillness.  For some an alone stroll by the sea-shore is enough to induce the moment…  I have found that my meditation is greatly enhanced if I am listening to a chant.  Perhaps in time the absolute silence will be the greater gift, but for now, I like to hear the great bells and gongs of the ancient worlds.

The Url below should bring you to the Great Bell Chant, a

soft, very slow admission of quiet into a few moments of our life: