Does Your Heart Beat too Fast, Would Therapy Help?

Do You Move Too Fast?  Is Therapy an Answer?
When you string one event on to the last one with no consciousness of the space between one event and the other, you fail to
get the sense that life is filled with billions of moments…little flashes in time that seem to accumulate into one large and
overwhelming question, Why?
Simply, because we do not know any other way, and commerce works better if we are unaware of the torture that speed can have on our
bodies.  The pace of our lives are determined by the mind.  I am proposing that we need to give equal time to the heart.
We all have heard of drastic plans to change our lives from what they are to what we would like them to be.  Frequently the mind
decides for us and it is not always ready to make changes.  You may have noticed that change is not appreciated by the mind despite
the chronic complaining that it does.  The mind want to remain in charge.
Civilization decided some time ago that the reasons of the heart are not important.  The higher reaches of the mind have been glorified.  With this super power reasoning “man was given dominion” over all of sentient life.  The earth and the animals are ours for the taking.  There are no longer fish in the sea, there is sea food in the vast oceans.  We think that resources are plentiful and will last forever.
Nothing last forever.  How did we forget that?
The moments of life can not be appreciated by the mind alone.  Feelings, emotions and sensations give quality to life.  They provide the sense of vitality that
fuels our drives, our libido, our desires.  Without a constant reminder that we need to STOP, stopping will not happen until we are exhausted, over-worked, over-committed and in general we might say that we have lost our connection to our heart-felt condition.
The stopping is the crucial element in well-being.  If we continue to string events one onto the other will fail to recognize that the information coming from the heart/body matrix is where our survival mechanisms live.  Survival lives in the heart.  The regulation of its beat is something that we have to take charge of, because the egoic mind is not interested in living well, it is only interested in competing, winning, remaining in the status quo and in general, it wants to stay in charge.  Like an over-reaching corporation with a maniacal CEO, the wealth of the company is more important that the lives that actually make up this company.
If we have a maniacal CEO running our bodies, it is time to fire the boss and look to the cast of supporting characters to learn what is needed to operate more smoothly, comfortable, with minimal stress and with a beating heart that reminds us moment to moment that the very important things in life are hidden in the shadow of the ego.
Therapy, Counseling, advise from a wise studied person can help us to get back onto the track that we are intended for…experiencing joy as a consequence of loving actions taken upon our loved ones and the world.  Stopping is not easy.  The mind will always call you back to its mission, being in charge.  We are like a large political machinery.  We want to win so that we can stay in charge, but all too frequently the energy is put into running the race, not in governing the organism.  Governing with perspective requires us to STOP and be aware of each transition, because each transition sets a new momentum into action.  Each transition encourages the future in its own way.
Help, on-line help, with friends help, or with the help of a professional spiritual guide, we can be reminded that the heart of the matter is to reduce our
beats to a manageable coherent way of life that provides not only opportunities for success, but opportunities for appreciation and gratitude.  The heart needs to be fed.  It loves to enjoy life–don’t deny it.

One comment on “Does Your Heart Beat too Fast, Would Therapy Help?

  1. Frank says:

    Thx doc…this is wonderful. !!!

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