For Holly

For Holly

A very special dog friend, who entered her sunset today.

Sadness is a measure of how deeply we can love:

Sunsets are evil, they curl under your skin and employ you to
watch them fade and die. The colors are riveting, the smell of the evening air
blends with the pine and wafts through the leave of the
spring blossoms. The trees awake struggling to face the sun with
a thirst for light….
But, alas, the sun sets and the day ends and another reminder
pushes through to consciousness that light and life fade with
or without beauty…
The end comes emblazoned in fire, a passion so deep in the heart
that we are left burning and bruised until we slowly awaken to
a new dawn and a new love. Because, it is after all in loving
that we find joy……………..


2 comments on “For Holly

  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend’s passing….but she was very lucky to have a guardian who loved her as much as you seem to have.

  2. Abby says:

    The greatest measure of a man is how deeply he loves. May you find comfort in good memories and new love.

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