my prayer

my prayer

my prayer is to linger with you, at the end of the day….my prayer and the answer you give, may they both be the same


There are moments in life, foxhole moments when i delight in my boy-hood faith.  Despite that fact that those early years were characterized by a belief in a God that can no longer exist for me, I am nonetheless, gratified when I find myself praying.  I no longer need a God to pray to.  My prayers are a meditation of sorts that help me to resolve almost any issue that I come up against.  I have found that the little Buddhist training that I have goes a long way to helping me out of the rabbit hole when I fall into it.

Like Alice, the rabbit hole holds no answers only tremendous chaos and confusion…the queen of hearts and the cheshire cat, and the mad hatter run around letting Alice know that nothing, nothing is like it use to be in the light of day…the darkness, the location of darkness, is a hole that deludes  our sense of reality and demands of us that we believe in hopelessness.  Sadness, ill health and other forms of depressing thought cloud our ability to see our reasoning selves.  The reasoning self and the heart that beats with intuition are eclipsed by huge feelings that give us the idea that the Joy that resides in side is gone from us.

Joy lives in us and we either allow it to manifest, or we are too troubled to see that it is not gone, it is eclipsed by, big feelings…have patience with yourself and be persistent in your search for you internal gladness.  And if you need to coax it along…list your gratitude regardless of how insignificant  they appear to be next to your fears….gratitude always aims for gladness


3 comments on “my prayer

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks Al, I am grateful you wrote this xo

  2. Dave the Carpenter says:

    An interesting graphic, Al. A figure balancing a cross on his nose? If this is your subliminal comment on some faith other than Buddhism, you have earned my trust and congratulations. Not that you needed either—but that’s another matter. Prayer is a powerful thing—we are told. Larry Dossey’s book, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR, YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT,(or MIGHT JUST GET IT) was pretty thought provoking. I’m sort of a nontheist, inasmuch as I believe the lord helps those who help themselves, or in different words: do not thank God for something it cares nothing about in the first place. How do I know that? Sixty-four years of hard-core experience.

    Journey on, journeyman…


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