The politics of Anxiety: fear or cost


2 comments on “The politics of Anxiety: fear or cost

  1. Al,

    I found you on Technorati…

    I too am a dreamer, philosopher, innovator and entrepreneur. I am developing an internet magazine, an Ezine, to serve as a vehicle for the creative output of a variety of other dreamers. Your articles would blend into this new site and help us enlarge its audience. We are called “The e-Buffet… Please stop by and look at some of our early work.

    We are not formally out, but are using the internet to recruit contributors. Like most start-ups, we do not have deep pockets and cannot pay untill we attract subscribers. However all contributors will be paid at the same time that I draw my first payment.

    Think about it

    Thank you…

    Patrick McCormick

    • aldussault says:

      hello patrick — i will go to look at the site you are talking about..i write three different blogs as well as write political rants for Technorati..i will go to check your site tks al d

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