Top 50 Blogs by Psychology Professionals

Hello Dr. Dussault
I’m writing this because I thought that both you and your readers might want to know that Free Association on the Ego and the Self has been included in our article, “Top 50 Blogs by Psychology Professionals.” Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any feedback, I’d love to share it with the team —
Kelly Fluehr
Co-founder, Psycholoblog
A note about our methodology: When finding blogs our authors use popular search tools (Google/Bing), observe blog rolls, and peruse social media sites. The most relevant, and interesting blogs are then included in our article, which doesn’t rank blogs, but rather categorizes them.


6 comments on “Top 50 Blogs by Psychology Professionals

  1. claudia luiz says:

    what an honor. And #4 no less. Hits at the heart, that’s why – bravo.

    • aldussault says:

      well the fun part was was having writing out there and discovering that someone is actually reading it—the number 4 — I am afraid is the alphabetical order of things….thank for writing Claudia…

  2. Issac Neutron says:

    I add my congratulations. Have not surfed many other blogs, but did notice Dr.X made the list. His page is another favorite of mine. I think that when a forum is offered which welcomes thought and discourse, sooner or later, someone will notice. If you build it, they will come. Keep up the good work.

    • aldussault says:

      i think you are right–inclusiveness is respected, isn’t it….it addresses belonging which is so basic to the human evolution..the way we need each other and the way that we form community it true at a celluar level and at a social level

  3. Heisenberg's Eyes says:

    Deepak Chopra said something about knowledge at the cellular level. I am not a molecular biologist, geneticist or anything of the sort. But, I do believe there is SOMETHING at the cellular level which connects us all, whether it be karma, soul, consciousness or the great circle of being. Sorry if this is too metaphysical—but I cannot explain the unexplainable in physical terms. And I can’t make up some system or rationale, exotic and earth-shattering, which would withstand the scrutiny of application and time to explain the unexplainable.

    It just isn’t there.

    • aldussault says:

      thanks for the response..i know what you mean, or at least I think I do. There is a sense–like the sense that a native american indian might have about the connectedness of all being, or more recent the block buster movie called, Avatar.

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