Ask What Ye Will and it Shall Be Done

Matthew 7:7

Are thinking and worrying the same thing?  When it is all doom and gloom can we be sure that we are thinking our way through a conflict or are we simply worrying in a ruminative sort of way?  What happens to us when we hear that we there really is nothing more that we can do?

One simple answer is to surround ourselves with like minded people.  Lately I have been calling my like minded people, my spiritualist.  My spiritualist are a group of people who remind me that I do not have to be stuck down the rabbit hole.  These people are a group of folks that I can turn to and I can be sure to receive empathy, compassion, concern and I can expect  these people to say, “look you do not have to be here you can change your thoughts an get yourself out of this gloomy state.”

I can not tell you how many people will say to me, “you do not understand, when I feel this way, I do not have the energy to change my thoughts.”  I get it, but I do not agree with it.  Once we are the master of our own minds, we can change our thoughts to ones that allow for the feelings of excitement and joy.  My circle of spiritualist friends help me to remember that I have a capacity to be in a state other than the one that my ego would conduct me to unless I deliberately tell myself that I can change my thought.

Having come to understanding the nature of the human condition by studying psychoanalysis, I find that science and spirituality have to conduct me to the same location.  I do not trust one without the other.  So when I ask myself what do I want to do next, I need to believe in the answer that I can manifest my life in any way that I want.  It is almost a miracle that when we learn that we can pull ourselves out of a gloomy state, we can pull ourselves out of depression by applying the idea that a better feeling thought will conduct us to a more enjoyable state of being.  We can do this anytime that we want to apply deliberate thinking to our human condition.

In psychoanalysis any thought or action that prevents us from moving forward is called a resistance.  I understand resistance as anything, any defense that prevents me from doing what is in my best interest.  The words that we use, the phrases that we construct create for us the reality that we live with.  When we move to that location within us that allows us to want what we want and allows us to know ourselves fully, we are no longer frightened by adding deliberate intent to our arsenal of weapons that we can use over the dark forces that reside within our egoic worlds.

A great way to being this journey is to believe in the circle.  I mean to allow ourselves to find a circle of people who are willing to support us as we do the next right thing in our lives.  The next right thing is discovered  simply by allowing ourselves to know what we want.

AsK What Ye Will and it Shall Be Done


2 comments on “Ask What Ye Will and it Shall Be Done

  1. aldussault says:

    A very uncanny thing just happened. As I was writing this short essay in response to a session that I conducted earlier, I googled the phrase, Ask What Ye Will and it Shall Be Done.” I was looking for a picture that might go with the essay. In every other essay I have written I just go to my photos and pick one of my pictures.

    When you google the phrase and look in the left margin under the category, IMAGES, on the second line down of photos there is a picture of my lake and my cottage….There is no rhyme or reason that would have put it there……Uncanny is one of my favorite of Freud’s essays.

    Who knows……………

  2. Dave the Carpenter says:

    I don’t know how you view Jung’s concept of synchronicity, but I believe your account of the picture of your lake and cottage falls roughly under the synchronistic category. I have had some similar experiences. In conjunction with your view on asking and receiving, it is pertinent that we remember no one can make us happy unless we are so disposed in the first place. Gloom is a pervasive atmosphere right now, but we can overcome it by changing those things we can change and leaving the rest of the mess alone. Personally, I have been watching less TV lately. But we all need to decide what it is that helps us individually.

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