simply, a new thought

We pretty much are in control of our thoughts.   We act in such a way to allow life to be easy, or we act to resist life and it becomes hard.. Our emotions in the moment tell us which we are engaging in. Once we finally get it–really get it, that it is our bad feeling thoughts that keep us down, and it is our good feelings thoughts that lift us up, we have a choice.

Our ego from the perspective of habit will move toward that which we have always done.  If we have believed that we need to work hard for what we want–we will continue to believe that and therefore do only those things that are hard to do.

At any given time we can check in with ourselves and ask–are the thought I am having right now feeling good or feeling bad….it can be that simple to start the process.  Ultimately we have to be exceptionally deliberate about what thought we choose to entertain.  And in time we see almost right away that when we entertain a bad feeling thought–(oh that A-hole, look at his mess, he never pays attention to me, I know she does not like me, i will never retire and still be able to keep in touch with  my patients).  The list is as long as we have resistances…If you find yourself in a thought that does not feel good—pause — stop the thought, then begin to think about something that would give you pleasure to have.

3 comments on “simply, a new thought

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  2. Harold G. Neuman says:

    I have been thinking a lot about thought—mostly since I attained the ripened age of 55. And began to read more regarding consciousness, thought and attentant considerations. Until that time, I had busied myself with the mundane, routine aspects of working class existence and was one of the self-absorbed,amoral robots I now decry. Now retired, I seek “joy and gratitude: a life well lived.” For whatever time I may have left, I have resolved to think better than I did during those first 55 years.

    An almost immediate outcome has been greater patience with and tolerance for self-absorbed, amoral robots. Another developing trait is a greater appreciation for really good books and a studied avoidance of really bad ones, to the best of my ability. I will never be perfect,but now,I accept that.

    • aldussault says:

      well i have come to well-being late in life as well–but i think it is a matter of culture as well–i think the human condition is evolving and is able to take on some of the aspects of secular spiritualism that allows us to meet more people who are like minded.
      consciousness is particularly interesting to me, since until recent i had no consciousness of any self that was not the time i have come to respect the ego as a portion of my self–but not the entirety of the self…..
      also, like you joy and gratitude are much clearer

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