joy & gratitude: a life well lived

It really is suppose to be a heck of a lot easier that many of us make it seem.  I mean life well lived goes from one set of activities that we enjoy to the next set of activities that we enjoy. The only aspect that gets in our way is us. The truth and consequences of the facts of life reside in using our emotions as a compass.  When we become aware that a bad feeling is not a state, but a sign,  we can begin to read the sign post as measures of guidance not a statement of fact.

I make it sound easy because unless i make it sound easy it will not reflect what life has become for me.  Mostly, I awake in the morning and I look forward to a day filed with artful projects that are fulfilling and cause joy simultaneously.  When I find that that is not the case, I look inside to see where and how i am in misalignment with the universe.  The Universe and Life are one whole aspect of creation and it is very difficult to pull one apart from the other.  Of course, when we first begin to look at life it seems to us that we are one thing and that the universe outside of us is another thing. For much of the history of western civilization we were supported in that view.  I am separate from the universe from which i came.

More recently I have begun to examine all that goes wrong for me from the perspective that i have conducted myself to this very edge of my life and that it is what it is because I have conducted myself there.  This prompts me to have no occasion for anger at objects and people who exist outside of my field of  consciousness.  There still is a tendency to regard the world as happening to me; but the closer that I become to the single source of creation, the more I find it easy to view myself and the world as one thing that is ebbing and flowing from the same set of eternal lungs.

Breathing which is about as simple as it gets for we human, begins at birth and ends at death.  Every breath we take indicates to us we are alive with the elements of the universe.  Following each breath we take places us in deliberate state of consciousness.  Of course, we breath even when we are conscious of our breath, but for sake of our discussion let’s keep it simple.  When we consciously take a breath we become aware that we are taking in and expelling gasses of life.

From right where we stand in the universe we are the most extreme formation of who we are and from this vantage point, we take the only thing that we can take:  the next step.  As soon as I deliberately intend to take the next step I am guiding myself in a direction.  I am going in the same way that I was going or I am changing the direction slightly, or I am changing the direction in a big way because I am expecting to experience a big change.

It is almost a joke that if we keep doing the same old thing we are bound to experience the same old results.  But if I screw on my courage, my heart felt courage, then I can place my foot down in a way that indicates to me that I am changing my direction.  If we remain conscious while we are breathing and stepping forward, we can begin to experience the simplicity with which we can experience joy and gratitude, the essential center pieces of a life well lived.

It comes from doing the next right thing.  The consciousness of joy and gratitude creates an atmosphere within that allows us to construct life out of a desire to be in alignment with the creator.  As we step consciously into the role of co-creating our lives with the universe, we begin to understand that the elements of the universe are a part of who we are.  As a part of who we are we can make use of these elements that we possess as surely as the universe posses them.  Abundance and prosperity come from knowing and allowing the elements of the Universe  to co-mingle with our will.

As drive theorist in psychoanalysis know, desire is the most primitive of sensations.  As infants we crawl up to the feeding nipple of life naturally and with intention, long before we ever know with our intellect what intention is.  We are born wanting and the nurturing of that sensation of wanting promotes life and growth and ever more free-will.

Joy & Gratitude are central circumstance of a life well lived.  We ought to be very uncomfortable when we are not close to those states of being.  Our awareness that we are not experiencing joy or gratitude alerts us to the fact that we are misaligned and that we ought to turn all of out attention right away in the moment to creating an alignment with life.

Unhappiness is not a state of being it is a condition of awareness that alerts us to the fact that something is wrong.


3 comments on “joy & gratitude: a life well lived

  1. I’ve just come in from a brisk walk … caught the most magnificent sunset as a reward. My fresh air breaths were so ingigoirating – something midwinter stale, heated, house air can’t do!

    I was pondering some of the very thoughts you put forth in this essay as I was walking an hour ago. I love spiritual synchronicity!

    Today I’ve felt the best I have felt in 2 years. Part of it relates to the fact that life has been coming up roses for my son, my husband, and I in our separare and shared journeys. But it’s also much about being myself and not allowing fear to hold me back in life – and being grateful for every breath I take and every blessing that is bestowed upon me – big or small.

    It’s so true … when we get out of our way – life flows. When I don’t, my screw-ups and unhappiness increase exponentially. I do that to myself! No one else!

    From a thimble perspective, we are born – crying for attention which continues in one form or another the rest of our lives because self-centeredness is our birthright. Then we live – or not live so well. In the end, we don’t get out of life alive.

    Two things happened this week that really drove home the point for me to make the VERY MOST of the years I have left and that I have a choice as to how happy I can be. I kept watching Egyptians on CNN fighting for freedown and repeating over and over again that their mysery, sufferiing, and oppression had brought them beyond the grip fo fear – fear could no longer rob them of freedom even if the price they had to pay was death. And so they were free even before they were “freed” to whatever post Mubarak change comes next. Hitting closer to home, I attended a wake last night for a 5 year-old, precious litte girl who was taken by a genetic heart defect. Her grandmother – my friend – is irreconcilable with grief. After long hugs, shared tears, and hand holding – all I could think of was – WHAT THE HELL IS THERE TO BE AFRAID OF IF I/WE ARE 6′ ABOVE GROUND WITH BREATH REMAINING and possibilities in front of us – and the CHOICE to look at life as full no matter what is or isn’t in our glass!! We were made to go fot it in life – not die in miserable comfort as couch potatoes!

    Fear is a great robber of bucket list, going-for-it lives. Walt Kelly was so right …”I have met the enemy and he is us.” If I keep that truism in mind and get out of my own way and my neurotic head each day – then I’m able to hold on to a grateful perspective even on shitty days or when crises hit. On days I totally forget and make myself miserable by not accepting life when it’s not going my way, I can forgive myself, take another breath and begin anew. Life – one clean slate after another of opportunity as long as we have the breath!

  2. .Nicki says:

    …..if only we could make psychoanalysis and working on oneself part of our educational system!! The emotional wellness or lack thereof impedes the happiness and success of our youth. Al, your statement,”Unhappiness is not a state of being it is a condition of awareness that alerts us to the fact that something is wrong” is a statement liken to a road map with the journey mapped out in yellow highlighter…..thanks for raising my consciousness. With much gratitude….Nicki

    • aldussault says:

      of course, we could all do better at teaching the world, but what we know of discovering and allowing have to do with desire…so once you pass this information on to some one, it becomes their responsibility to “buy into it.”

      The word that is most operative for me in studying the law of attraction, or reading the secret or in reading science and philosophy, is the word “glimpse.”

      Once we have a glimpse of the truth we become addicted to it like we can become addicted to coffee or gambling or sweets—the reason it is so addictive is because we like it so much. Pleasure is the natural order of things…If you read Freud or if you read the Bible you find in time that the Universe provided a paradise for man to revel in, it was our ignorance and our arrogance that got us expelled from the garden of eden.
      And to this day it is we who expel ourselves each day. Man was not permanently expelled from the garden, he was expelled until he atoned. There is a curious connection between the word atonement and the word attunement.
      Attunement is what we are striving for….Thank you for reading.

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