Jared: A Simple Story of Assassination, or Collateral Murder

We have started this controversy, this right winged righteousness in opposition to red, liberal communism quite some time ago, but I suspect after the brutal shooting that has recently happened in Arizona we will all be taking a breath before we assume our “pre-assination-attempt” opinions and principles.

I am not convinced that this gruesome act of brutality will have any major political consequences because the spin has already begun.

During the last major presidential campaign we began to see incited riots based on inflaming language. Now I really hate to sound politically incorrect, but my memory serve me in this way. The real hard hitting nasty rhetoric began when mama grizzly bear erupted onto the scene as a maverick wannabe.

I remember seeing groups of people at a political rally who were brought to a boil with inflaming rhetoric. Many people at the time argued that there were racial overtones to the rhetoric, but i never saw it as racial, I did see inciting language, but to me it came as more of a war-cry, more of a take up arm kind of cry. And I saw men and women who were swept away by the emotion at hand. Groups of people can be reduced to a herd with the right war cries, hitting the right nerve at exactly the right moment.

Sincerely, can anyone tell me they themselves believe that the map put up on the Sarah Palin web-page targeting democratic districts with a cross-hair symbol was really about surveying? Please, write to me. Please come forward and make your case. I promise that I will listen to any argument, but at this point in time I find it difficult to swallow. The cross-hairs sure looked like what it looks like through a gun site.

In addition to the cross-hair there is yet another an a more disturbing affair going on in our country. Recently, when I went to the wikileaks site, I saw actual video footage of an American war machine in action that made me close to vomiting.

I actually hesitate putting the URL up because the video depicts such raw footage of heinous war actions that i fear that I will be put on some anti-government list for simply knowing what I saw. Perhaps it is nothing more than a grandiose delusion — after all, I am not even a real journalist. I simply take the words and the ideas from a multitude of journalist, digest them and spin them on in my columns as my opinions.

Nonetheless, I will leave out the Wikileak URL and simply say that if you as a reader are interested it is very, very easy to find actual footage of deliberate crimes of man’s inhumanity to man.

Oh! I have changed my mind. Please only view the video (linked) on collateral murder if you have a very strong stomach for terror and blood. The reason that I want this video posted is that it stands in juxtaposition to the blood bath that we witnessed in Arizona. In one incident we have murder under the name of war, in the Arizona incident we have murder in the name of incited insanity.

Jared is crazy. I mean that in the most honest and the most clinical sense. He is a paranoid schizophrenic. In other words not all factors of the mind were operating. Much information that he had stored as data in his mind was wrongly filed, was mis-understood and was observed through a filter of delusion. Yet behind every paranoid schizophrenic there are seeds of reality. At some level of consciousness he had processed information that according to his deranged mind needed revenge.

However, for those of you who were able to stomach the wikileak video about wartime collateral murder, I think you will find deranged and delusional thinking involved in those war time murders as well.

William Rivers Pitt is a regular contributor to the on-line new magazine, Truthout. His article with the titled, “The Wrath of Fools,” concludes with these quotations submitted below.

“I tell people don’t kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus – living fossils – so we will never forget what these people stood for.”

– Rush Limbaugh, Denver Post, 12-29-95

“Get rid of the guy. Impeach him, censure him, assassinate him.”

– Rep. James Hansen (R-UT), talking about President Clinton

“We’re going to keep building the party until we’re hunting Democrats with dogs.”

– Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX), Mother Jones, 08-95

“My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building.”

– Ann Coulter, New York Observer, 08-26-02

“We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors.”

– Ann Coulter, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, 02-26-02

“Chelsea is a Clinton. She bears the taint; and though not prosecutable in law, in custom and nature the taint cannot be ignored. All the great despotisms of the past – I’m not arguing for despotism as a principle, but they sure knew how to deal with potential trouble – recognized that the families of objectionable citizens were a continuing threat. In Stalin’s penal code it was a crime to be the wife or child of an ‘enemy of the people.’ The Nazis used the same principle, which they called Sippenhaft, ‘clan liability.’ In Imperial China, enemies of the state were punished ‘to the ninth degree’: that is, everyone in the offender’s own generation would be killed and everyone related via four generations up, to the great-great-grandparents, and four generations down, to the great-great-grandchildren, would also be killed.”

“Two things made this country great: White men & Christianity. The degree these two have diminished is in direct proportion to the corruption and fall of the nation. Every problem that has arisen (sic) can be directly traced back to our departure from God’s Law and the disenfranchisement of White men.”

– State Rep. Don Davis (R-NC), emailed to every member of the North Carolina House and Senate, reported by the Fayetteville Observer, 08-22-01

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, but you get the gist.

Most Disrespectfully Yours,
William Rivers Pitt

I find that as I conclude this semi-journalistic piece on war crimes and hate crimes, I am perhaps more confused, or rather I have more questions than I did before I began to research this piece. Academically that may be a good thing, science and philosophy applaud the use of the empirical question. But as we are in a definitive moment in our country, we may hope for more than questions. We are clamoring for answer.

I think we want to believe that good can overcome the hateful tendencies, but science and evolution have a great deal to say about the dark side of man. The crimes reviewed above give us pause. All we have left is a moment of silence followed by a call to action. Let us find ways to practice civility in our lives and in our politics.

Article first published as A Simple Surveyor’s Symbol: A cross-hair and Collateral Murder on Technorati.


2 comments on “Jared: A Simple Story of Assassination, or Collateral Murder

  1. The Tuscon shooting – profound loss .. unfathomable suffering and grief. So many senselssly cut down; survivors left to bear physical and mental scars … too many families left to pick up pieces of their lives that may not come together for months – if ever. I pray for ALL affected including Jared’s parents who are now holed up in an effort to avoid the viperous press who relentlessly press. I fear that Jared’s deranged act will be another reason for the uninformed to fear and discriminate against the mentally ill. The saving grace in all this for me is that tragedies tend to bring out the best in people. … focusing on lives saved, the heros, the first repondenders, and the power of the human spirit and body to heal as we are seeing with Gabby Giffords … thank God for saving graces. In the aftermath, I watched Sara Palin’s well-staged all-about-me video last week and really got that she does not have leadership qualities. I always felt this way about Palin but her video really brought home her inability to put herself aside and focus on OTHERS IN GRAVE NEED! I have no idea if Jared ever followed Palin or her ‘mavericky’ rhetoric. The bigger issue for me with Palin – apart from Tuscon – is that the world does not need more lone dissenters, gun wielders, and bad-mouthers. … cross-hairs do not belong on maps targeting communities of people with bulls-eyes! … Pure BS to debate that those gunsight symbols served any righteous purpose on Palin’s website. I’m a left-leaning independent. The more I hear the vitriolic rhetoric of the “right’s” Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter which reaches millions of people over the airwaves – the more I cringe about the destructive impact of divisive language. I can’t find anything redemptive in words focused on myopic views that maim reason, decency, and a united effort to save our imploding country. Democrats spew venom as well but the figureheads of the far right dominate the media. There are crazy people in the world who will continue to commit insane acts. The last thing we need are crazed politicians or political wannabes in leadership positions – spewing trigger-happy language and mayhem to the masses. We need the kind of love, compassion, strength, healing and responsible leadership that Obama exhibited when he spoke at the Tuscon memorial service last week. Obama is not perfect – there’s NO perfect anything on this planet! But I credit him for doing everything within his power to promote nationwide healing and unity at a time that we – as a nation – are trying circomvent political and economic oblivion. I have a fantasy that one day political wings miraculously dissolve along with self-serving special interests and we return to “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All.” The reaity is that people are challenged on a daily basis to balance and mediate the insistent demands of ego. We are “want” oriented beings – always wanting what we want when we want it – which invariably conflicts with the differing wants of others. So it is and will always be. We are given each day to do our best for ourselves and others because without others – our lives have no meaning. May we continue to pray for healing in Tuscon and for our nation. We can do better … we really can.

  2. Harold G. Neuman says:

    Freedom is akin to knowledge: a little bit is a dangerous thing. We say that we, as Americans, have freedom of speech. Sure. We do. I can praise you, or, I can defame you—but, I had better be prepared to fight or run. I have labelled many folks as amoral, self-absorbed robots. That label might fit our political parties and their unilateralism: we are Dr. Frankenstein and they are his monster. But, I digressed—a little. Maybe.

    We must remember that freedom carries responsibilities and obligations, as well as the rights we so cherish. Those of us who are sound of mind need to prove our right to the freedoms which are declared to be inalienable. If we fail to do so; if we fail to demonstrate prudence in our speech and actions, there will be ever more Jareds; Johns; Mark Davids; and Lee Harvey’s who will come forward to commit murder and mayhem.

    It matters little whether THEY are of sound mind—a monkey with a loaded shotgun can kill you on a bad day. The point is this: anyone who thinks he has nothing to lose is weak-minded enough to destroy someone who has great promise. And will do so with little provocation. We can do better? Let’s hope so.

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