Now What, Mr. President?

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Obama is not the first President in recent history who loses his “control” at the mid-term election. But this much seems fairly certain: we are not going to see much in the arena of climate change, we are not going to see much in the arena of discussing the plight of the ultra poor, we are not going to see much oxygen in moving toward health care… and so on.

I could go on but it would make for a very depressing piece unless you happen to be very, very rich. I wonder what other countries are thinking about us. The Filibusterers are now in charge, or at least have more than enough to continue to be obstructionist.

Mr. President, may I have the audacity to address you and share with you some of my most immediate concerns. I will keep my suggestion to one item that i think may end up covering a wide range of democratic sins. Compromise.

Compromise, Mr. President you are obsessed with compromise. It is as if you were trained as a little boy to be the best little boy in the world and now that you are on a global stage, you continue to use the relationships skills that won you a seat in the Illinois Senate. You are not playing little time, Mr. President, “there is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other [politicians] around you won’t feel insecure.” Your playing small does not serve the world, as Nelson Mandela spoke in 1994.

I fear that you went to Washington with an agenda and a mandate to stand up to the large powers of corporate giants and wealthy titans of the industry and even of our military industrial complex; but you forfeited your hand and let the rule of the few lead to toward darkness when you were elected to guide those in darkness toward greater light.

It is not that you should not have more time. You really should have your full four year term to accomplish something. But the Progressive agenda is not a bowl of sins to be covered when the right reverend walks in. Progressive ideas are the ideas of the the multitude and as such will not be “funded” by the wealthy.

You have another chance, Mr. President–please remember who sent you to this great office in the first place. We the people not they the lobbyist.

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