third world politics

We certainly are a nation of tolerant people. Who could have predicted after the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I and World War II as well as the plethora of skirmishes and pre-emptive strikes, that as a people we would lie on our backs – showing our bellies – and let the bullies of Wall street have their way with the entire world economy?

Who could have predicted that an air strike conducted by a man on camel back hunkered down in a cave in Afghanistan could take down icons of world capitalism in one fell swoop?

And all of this, as well as the Patriot Act and cooperation gaining status as people–all of this, trillions of middle class dollars taken from the pockets of the unsuspecting middle class and dropped into the coffers of corporations said to be too big to fail; all of this and the American response is to have a Tea Party.

Arianna of the Huffington Post is becoming a voice for those of us Americans who are concerned about the future of the middle class and the working class. She not only has a voice, she has a vehicle and a demeanor to put forth her ideas in both idealistic terms and in practical ones at the same time. She is not a pie in the sky liberal, but she does not fear the label “progressive” either. Arianna herself does not confuse having power with having a platform.

I like her humility. When discussing her book recently on a television talk show she said that a reader could turn immediately to page 199 of her new book, Third World America, and simply read some of her recommendations and solutions to the crisis we are facing.

I also like the format of her on-line newspaper. She maintains a front page feel to the paper, while delving into very complex and complicated issues. Her on-line newspaper is easy to read and seems to never apologize for coming at her view from the left. She is fair and gives voice to everybody, but her bias is clearly stated. I often comment on articles that appear on the Huffington Post only because the topic was so brilliantly handled that I feel compelled to at least agree in writing.

You can find her video and interview here, as well as links to a variety of related commentaries and opinions.

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