maddie, maddie, maddie

it seems that it is now all about maddie…we really are so much in love with her….she is as stubborn as she is smart…
but, i out-foxed her…I got a leash that attaches as a harness and now i have the upper hand…..yesterday we went for a walk where she walked right along side of me…like a good-old-girl…..
yesterday we went to the reunion of Critter Cavalry in Plainville at Penny’s house.
It was wonderful to be with so many lovely people and so many lovely dogs….I met a young woman named
Jasmine from Coventry, ri and I think I am going to meet her to see if “I” can be trained………….

All is well and this is a short note to say that Maddie is returning to work at my city office later today….I gave
her a week off last week until we were better acquainted with how to adapt her to the leash….Recently, I was talking
with BERNIE about the leash and she appeared in front of me in sit and alert mode, wagging her tail…i realized she had recognized the word leash.
Dr. A. L. Dussault, Mindfulness in Psychoanalysis

2 comments on “maddie, maddie, maddie

  1. Nancy says:

    oh good, just in time for me to meet her tomorrow,,,looking forward to her and the visit!! 🙂

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