religion in the news!

the url is to a page from a recent Huffington Post.  it was posted in their section on religion, but i think

it might have easily been posted under science, or philosophy…I found the article mildly informative.  what intrigued

me most was the simple fact of it being published.  a major newspaper carrying an essay on something other than

politics or economy is rare these day.

rare would be one thing, but the lack of consciousness to the revelations of eastern philosophy and the lack of

reverence to “new-age-stuff” of any kind has trumped even the mildest of articles on topics that grant us permission

to look deeper inside for answers.  it is as if in our culture we have become allergic to introspection.  the global

political climate for supremacy seems to be the only thing on people’s minds—that is on people’s mind who even bother

to think about anything beyond the dishes, the lawn and the laundry.

i am not opposed to chores, but as a society we seem more concern about the height of grass than about

conversations about the human soul, the human spirit.  so this article impressed me just because it was.

besides it gave me yet one more reason to post another picture of my new best friend, Maddie.

Dr. A. L. Dussault, Mindfulness in Psychoanalysis


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