5, 2nd day iPhotos MADDIE

Like having a new baby, i tend to expect everyone to be in love with this baby and just think that
everyone receiving this will be thrilled—so humor me and even if you have not the slightest interest in
the newest member of my family—just don’t tell me……lol

She is an escape artist..so we have one arena of training that she needs to learn–yesterday.
She sneaks quietly and inches herself toward the side of the deck that will allow her to run…then she
leaps and off she goes without one ounce of guilt…until we finally catch up with her. we have to drive the car
to find her….then her ears are back and she looks like she knows she has disappointed us…..

So she is an adolescent runner & we have to apply some dog whispering techniques….
In the house she sits, stops, comes and as of this morning was even doing “stay” for a good long time…

first night at home—she is exactly what i needed to take my mind off of my new medicare card…….

she is not going to step all over bernie—yeah, right!

We do not know what kind she is—lab, she does some pointing, seems

to love to retrieve, and since they told us she was an anatolian shepherd we sort of decided to call her an anatolian mute

i can’t stop eating her up..she is so pretty, witty an shy….

I could not wait until next summer to take her for a swim…so we plunged on a beautiful september morning

and she actually got out of the water before i did because once i got use to the temperature it was a very pleasant..now my dog stinks…

Thanks for humoring me—- al

3 comments on “5, 2nd day iPhotos MADDIE

  1. nancy says:

    LOVE the pics! keep ’em coming! cant wait to meet her!!

  2. Lee Dunn says:

    Maddie looks a charmer.

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