sacrifice & self-care

If you’re not selfish enough to want to feel good, then you can’t connect with the energy that is yours.  It is our energy that feels good — not the event that spins in front of us.  When we are thinking that a resentment is growing and even when we are thinking that we do not want a resentment to grow and we become aware that we want to stop the resentment…it is the energy of negativity that does not feel good.  It is never the object that we are resenting that does not feel good, it is our negative feeling energy that does not feel good.

As spiritual/creative beings, as humans who must suffer the outrage of this human stage, we have to locate within ourselves the space, the resource, that allows us to maneuver within our landscape.  When we give up that right/responsibility we give up our ability to let in the positive energy necessary to “cure ourselves” of an event taking place in our lives.

When we are not in conflict with ourselves–that is, when we know ourselves, know what we want and feel we have a clear vision that we are going to allow this good feeling to come in–no event outside of us disturbs that peace  The idea of selfishness as a narcissistic self involvement is not the same thing as the selfishness that results in self-care.

Self-care is about knowing and believing that we are the resource that is going to repair this current feeling.  I am the energy that has the capacity to repair this negative feeling–this negative mood that i have allowed myself to descend into.

When we are in a domestic quarrel with our partners, we have the opportunity to see the conflict a conflict within where we have externalized half the experience…the other option is to remain in the position of helplessness and continue to experience ourselves as being victimized by the noun outside of us….it is never the noun, it always our response to the person, place or thing that creates the feeling of joylessness.

Once we have confidence in our ability to rise above our fowl mood, we recognize that it is always this capacity that we are searching for.  We are always searching for the ability from within to lift ourselves out of a fowl mood.  The responses to any event will be entirely different responding from a fowl mood as opposed to responding from the natural energy that is our good mood…

more later…….

cottage where the old couple lived

There was a story about an old Jewish couple…on the day after the wedding, the young Jewish Bride said to herself while preparing the rolls for breakfast, I love the top of the roll, I should give that to my new husband..i should make that sacrifice for him…..

Many, many years later when the old man was dying he said to his wife, you have been a good wife you have born me children and you have sacrificed for me–you are a good woman and I was a lucky man…But I have only one request–for just once could you give me the bottom of the roll–it was always my favorite and I was always too afraid to ask more of you………

Ask for as much as you need from the universe…the low hanging fruit of abundance dangles in our vision and it is up to us to allow it in or sacrifice it away in the name of some out of date Calvinistic ethic


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