It continues to be a summer filled with creative energy and a deep desire to live a long life. The
factor of my age is with me all the time, a reminder of impermanence…the world is not what it use to be
nor am i. Yet, from the inside perspective the lens from which i see my life expanding and growing there
is little difference between what was watching me sixty years ago and what is watching me now.

Egoic ideal grew as did my body and my academic learnings, but the core of my being is still only “Being”.
It is a comfort and a source of distress all at once, because I have no way of knowing the stillness except
to experience it as a peaceful and cool all at the same time. Like an august night that hints at september
who i am continues as the seasons pass from one to the next in the greater scheme of things and in the minutia
which is my personal life……

I Love my Life, I wish I could become more intimate with its source……


It has been a productive summer in terms of mindfulness and watercolor.

isle of is-free

digital art along with watercolors make for strange bedfellows

a gaffer

I find that what is around me is water and sail boats and a kind of sweet and quiet life


more surf

I find it amazing what watercolor and photography can produce as a new medium in fine art..a hybrid of high tech and low tech

again more surf

the rocks at Mimi’s seem to be the source of a great deal of spiritual inspiration as well as creative inspiration. I love to look at them–solid granite

a village like few exist today

the image of a small town, a church and dirt streets..a fantasy of a day gone by, but still alive with memories of a simpler day


2 comments on “digital–watercolor

  1. Denise says:

    The first picture very Zen I love it.

  2. John Booker says:

    Al: why did you have to wake up the age monster? My 29 year old mind still directs my 68 year old body (resulting in recent visits to a chiropractor after playing football with 6 year old Harry!). Beware the tyranny of mortality!

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