most fun day

it seems to matter little what the activity is, when i am here at the lake my soul feels
full and grace surrounds the entire 1000’s of acres of lake and shore and trees and even big sky
by day and due west sunsets in the evening.
life is wonderful by the water, even if it just means to sit by it and with it. but the special thing that
happens here for me is that i appear to feel so free that what ever muse happens to insert itself comes
through loud and clear as a dictation.
friends and family come by often and always with such gratitude that this is here to be enjoyed.

i think that the native americans who were here long before the white men came and took over
the land and shore must have carved the worn down path through the enchanted forest to the
lake below. we found large stones that have been manually carved out and most likely used as
grinders for corn milling.
the thought that this path to the water has been used for hundreds of years is such a consolation.

just a thought—have a good day and come on down, al dussault


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