a brave new world: too big to jail

I have seen many political nightmares in my life time.  I can even recall Eisenhower playing too much golf and Kennedy’s Catholicism a near scandal and of course just as a nod to May 4th there was Kent State & the 5 line insertion in the paper that announced an “incident” in My Lai in Vietnam.  We should go on for a few more events, there was the Pam Am incident and the stolen election, and the next stolen election.  There was Mission Accomplished and there was a small insurrection in Iraq  better know as a war and of course, there was Katrina and the bailout of Wall street and the giving of two trillion dollars to the already mega rich as an incentive to help pull us out of a recession….and with many, many missing similar incidents we come to the Gulf, “oil spill” or other wise known as an erupting volcano of crude into the most significant body of water in America.

You can read in several sources that Enron style fraud is being discovered as we speak.

So why so much apathy this time around.  Are we the Kaiser Government before its last decline?  Where are we as a nation, as a people?  Do we come together anywhere?  Is there a common something that would have at least one republican cast his or her own vote instead of the voting block they have become.  I don’t want this article to degenerate into a two sided debate with no compromise possible.  I am equally angry and dismayed by my party and my father’s party.  Where are the Truman’s and the Humphrey’s and the Kennedy’s of our generation?  Do we have politicians left who see and hear the plight of the common man (wages from $6000 to $90,000).

I read recently that the gap between the rich and the poor is steadily growing wider.  It is growing a three times the rate in the last few years.  Our 1% mega rich and our 2% very rich and our 5% wealthy and our 10% well-off, are in a class of their own.  We the underdog democrats as opposed to the blue-dog democrats have very little in common with those people who continue to make money and continue to have ways of generating bigger and larger off-shore accounts that are less and less taxed.  We are governed by a class of people who do not live in the same economic world as the people that they govern.  It is no wonder they are not concerned when the supreme court decides to give corporations the same rights as individuals.  I wonder, does that mean that two gay corporations can not legally merge?

The world of the captains of industry is a world that has no similarity to the world that I live in.  The Great Gatsby had nothing in common with the Sound and the Fury so what is different about today.  In America we have seen family farms taken over by the Monsanto’s of agriculture, we have seen the Enron’s run away with our pensions, we have witnessed banks being bailed out to the tune of trillions while my friends lose their home mortgage.The same bank we bailed out refuses to take a risk on a man who was never late for one payment on anything he ever bought in his entire life.  He was denied a mortgage modification..it did not go through.  But the credit reporting companies called his attempt to save money in a re-fi a potential bankruptcy and have raised his credit card interest rate to 20% because he is a risk.

You might as well have taken his farm away from him.  Remember the villains in the 1950 cartoons, the black figures twisting their mustaches while cackling a sinister laugh and tying the poor girl down to rail road track.  It is not much different today.  The banks have more sophisticated ways and  a more accepted language for how they steal from us today.  But we are no less being tied down to the tracks.

The bigger they are the harder they fall has been replace with they are too big too fail.  As we transition from the national boundaries that have divided us for many generations, to the new world order of the global aristocracy we will see more and more of the American way of life fall through the cracks, fall to the wayside and in general fall into the gully of the great divide.

Another sinister phrase that does not lift eyebrows when it should is “economic recovery with sustained record high unemployment.”  Wow, now that should not be easy to digest.  Does anyone even hear it above the din of the evenings blue lighted television room.  The announcer looks like he has the proverbial stick up his…..He reports on the death of an American military man with the same energy and affect that he devotes to weather and the sporting scores.  Then goes on to say that another 1,000,000 people have entered the ranks of poverty with no end in sight and tomorrow ought to be another great beach day.

“Really,” says the anchor woman to the well coiffed anchor man, “we need a good beach day.”  She shuffles the meaningless stack of papers and squares them off, bouncing them off her desk top until they are a perfectly neat little stack of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper.  “Well, that does it for another night, don’t forget to tune into the nightly news at 11:00, Gary will have the latest on a tropical depression that he is watching off the coast of Africa.”

Jesus, God the Lord, how dreadful the evening news has become.  Nothing of importance gets said and if a story is brushed upon it is done so with so little affect that even the most curious new hound only gets a flash–a sound bite of a story.  The guts and sinew are gone from our news broadcasts as they are gone from the consciousness of the American Public.  We have become satisfied with superficial, made for 3rd grade reporting and as a result we vote with that kind of superficial, sound bite information.

Do you want to know what we think something awful is?  It is something inconvenient that is happening to me.  Re-bombing Afghanistan into yet another pile of rubble is of no consequence.  An American drone bombs an Afghan village, killing an entire wedding party that gets a 20 second slice of the news.  No wonder we have no idea why much of the world despises American policy, we have no idea what the American policy is anymore.  Who runs the world these days?  Do we know?

Well, I can tell you this for sure.  It is not run by the financially un-influential.  It is run by the people and for the people with mega-bucks.  Our old standard of something good for a good price is gone…what we have left is spin and twist and market.  The product has nothing in common with the sales pitch.  From cigarettes, to cell phones we are marketed to by brand making departments who have never even seen the product let alone try it.  Ad campaigns exist waiting for a product to promote.  We are going backwards

As a nation, as a people we have lost our way.  The American continent is adrift in a sea-change that will so rock the foundation of who we are that in no time at all, we will be looking back and remembering the good old days when we had a President like Bush 43, a man you could be proud to sit and drink a beer with.

The corporations will be the next markers on the global scene.  It will not be Spain.  It will not be France or Germany. It will not be Argentina.  It will be Monsanto.  It will be Halliburton.  It will be Blackwater and they will fly the flag of mercenaries.  Capitalism will look to the left like a labor union did in the 1930’s.  We do not know what the right will be–but, we do know that it will be ultra-right and that it will have very little in common with our current Republican party except that they will have paved the way for a globally deregulated world run at the mercy of greed mongers. Marie Antoinette will be the patron saint of the politicians, and Evita will be the face of the Global Presidency throwing fistfuls of dollars down from the Vatican like window unto the masses–eternally crushed, at least until the next big revolution.  Thomas Jefferson once said that from time to time a democracy has to lose some blood of its patriots in order for the tree of liberty to be properly fed and continue to grow.

I can not see another way out of where we are…We will go much deeper into darkness before we ever emerge from the narcissism that our world suffers today.  As humanism and secular spiritualism spreads its wings, we may see angels from time to time to remind us that the human spirit still lives on, but the apathy that covers our eyes at this point in time is like an un-retractable cataract.  The vision grows slowly dimmer until we fail to see at all what is really happening.

2 comments on “a brave new world: too big to jail

  1. Myron Waldman says:

    Love your graphical image and find your message disturbing and essentially accurate. The question is — How do we bend acceptance to live in such a world?

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