different spanks for different ranks

As we hear recently about how President Obama will be dealing with General McCrystal…the phrase that tittles this piece is a very appropriately one.  In fact it might be a very appropriate phrase for many of the ills that plague our rapidly dividing nation.  It is clear to me that the great divide is becoming greater by the day.  The poor can buy less with their few dollars and the mega rich are purchasing ever larger homes and cars and even jet planes while a single mother with two kids walks to the local grocery store and purchases goods at their  highest possible price because getting to a super store requires transportation which she can not afford.

“At least 245 million women around the world have been widowed and more than 115 million of them live in devastating poverty, according to a new study launched Tuesday night by Cherie Blair, wife of the former British prime minister.”  

The idea of different spank for different ranks is a statement that comes out of the military..and if we can recall to the awful abuses that we saw take place at the Iraq prison, the memory is crystalized by an prisoner standing on a small box with a hood wired to some electricity with the implication that were he to fall off the small box he would step in water and be electrocuted.  That is the image that we recall.  However, if we scratch just a bit further we might also remember that the highest rank to be called on the carpet was a low level corporal with little authority.  The fellows who allowed the abuse to take place were protected from prosecution.  The lower ranking people involved were severely reprimanded.

Let’s look at wall street…the people in charge who were in charge when America lost several trillion dollars, are the same people re writing policies that will impact on the next generation of bankers and insurers…once again, the top is unhampered in their efforts to rake in tons of profit with the use of Greed-Tools.  The common man on Main Street has lost an entire life time of earnings….different spanks for different ranks is the status quo for just about every thing that we can talk about.

Here is one more example:  Most mega-rich individuals are not terribly shaken by receiving a sixty-dollar parking ticket.  On the other hand, the person who makes minimum wage and takes home $120 dollars a week will have lost half of his income for the same “illegal” activity of parking in a no-parking zone.

One of the most frightening concepts in recent history is the concept that the gulf between the mega-rich and the abject-poor is growing at about the same rate that the the ice sheet of the world are melting.  We could be facing a nuclear disaster as devastating as a mega ton bomb.  If the disparity continues, the United States will look more like Brazil in the next century and with that the problems and troubles of maintaining a civil society will grow–because a dissatisfied population will rise of of the discontent.  Like we need the mangroves to protect the marsh land behind them, we need a middle class to protect a livable society.  We need livable wages and we need laws and protections to keep the middle class from being slashed in pieces with the larger slice falling into poverty and the smaller sliver joining the mega-class.  A lop-sided society is subject to all the civil disobedience and all the disease that befalls a civilization that caters to the rich and lets the poor fend for themselves.


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