drive, desire, energy mindfulness & manifesting in post-Eden

The Law of Attraction has had a resurgence of popularity in the recent decades.  And right it should.  The New Age concept gained a renewed energy through such works as the shiny, glossy page book, called, “The Secret”.  In the secret and other recent secular spiritual writings we see the basic foundations of how to live a successful and happy life.

No wonder this concept has such a healthy following.  Who among us is not searching for a way to accomplish what we would like to accomplish and at the same time feel that warm, joyous sensation of feeling like we are on top of our game?  Of course we are interested in getting it right.

However, and this is a very big however–this ‘stuff’ has been around for a very long time.  When you consider eastern philosophers and spiritual leaders like Buddha or a 13th century mystic and theologian like Miester Eckhart or if you take in the scientific writings of Freud and Jung, you will discover that this material of “putting-your-mind-to-work” has been preached and lectured on for centuries and several millenniums.

The energy of oneness and the idea that we are a form of energy that has collected atoms and molecules into the particular form that our organism  is currently manifesting is both a psychological mystery and a mystery for physics and theology as well. There  are many ways to approach getting what we want out of life.  But all too frequently, it takes too much time and too much energy to learn the systems or to be disciplined about the systems and many of us resort to an easier gratification that results in an immediate pleasure instead of a pleasurable life in general.

You might even say it is a difference between gratifying urges or gratifying the deeper instincts of living.  When Freud at the turn of the twentieth century wrote about the pleasure principle he described for his readers a system of the psychic mind that involved several layers of the brain. Although, at the time of his writing, science was not able to verify his musings, in time science seems to have caught up to what he was saying in a nearly metaphoric manner.

Quickly, the ego, the super-ego and the id are aspects of the mind, that is; they are not as much aspects of the triune brain as much as they are aspects of the manifested mind.   Our brain has evolved in such a manner that it manifested a mind, a sort of psychic location that holds thoughts and processes feelings and parcels out our developed idea of clock time.  Freud did not use the word manifest to my knowledge, but his idea that the mind is created of the brain fits nicely into the newer age idea that mankind produces what it needs to survive and to stay alive and to get what it wants from the universe.

We assume that our thoughts and feelings are held in some combination of chemical, hormonal & biological matrix; but, there is not yet a surgery or a scan that can locate this process in the biology of the body.  We are getting closer to discovering the physical location of thoughts, but to date we have only the hope that someday “Westinghouse or Microsoft” will verify what we have been knowing for centuries–to date, we have to be content with assumptions.

The major assumption that has to be held is that some force, some drive, some energy holds together in some fashion and that the evolved brain has a capacity to coordinate these life force sensations into some credible order that allows for us to say, for example, that is a table…that object there with the flat surface and the legs to hold it up is called in the english language, a table.

Then at some other level of biological/psychic energy the idea of the table is held so that when we see another similar object in our time and space we can categorize it also as a “table”.  Very cool!  Now understand for a moment that this capacity in english has been duplicated for millennium in Sanskrit and Latin and French and on and on, since we came out of the trees and began to recognize that cooperation with like minded specie could produce a force greater than any one single organism could produce.  But, of course, this was know by many herds before it was known by man.  It was however perfected by man as his brain manifested more and more aspects of survival and stored them somewhere in his DNA.  In time hunter gathering herds of men and women settled down to farming and the nature of what mankind did with his brain/mind/body changed considerably.

So, the above last few paragraphs were laid down to establish a history to mankind’s capacity to manifest.  In the earliest history of man manifesting he was fairly limited to his survival needs and to his organizing needs.  It is widly evident that in the early times of mankind’s development much more psychic energy was given to manifesting a way of working together in order to better the good of the herd.  I suspect that the earliest writings in the old testament  are pretty much filled with ordinances on how to live and rules and commandments about how to get along with other people . These were the established order of the day.

There is a history to the mind’s capacity to slowly and over time learn how to desire something and in time learn to acquire it.  At first it must have been very important for someone to watch the camp or the cave and it must have made sense that the smaller organism of the human herd were less suited for hunting and therefore were commissioned to stay on the upper forty acres and tend to the home/camp while the larger organisms, the men, were commissioned to spear-chucking and wrestling down the kill.

During the early millenniums, mankind was already manifesting, but he did not have a consciousness that he was doing so. In other words, his brain was developing in such a way that it was attracting onto itself what it needed to survive the harshness of post-eden living.

Using the brain to create a mind that brings onto itself what it requires to survive as a specie is as old as the hills–so to speak. In a later post I will take up the idea of manifesting and desiring becoming more particular to the individual as the notion of the herd became less necessary to daily surviving.


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