It’s Time to Wear Whites

It is the start of Memorial Day weekend in 2010.  It takes a long time for me to absorb change and I am still unsure how to say the number “2010”.  Do I call it, twenty-ten, or is it the year two-thousand and ten, maybe there are several ways to say this number, but the one thing that i am sure of is that as of today I can wear white again…

I am such a fashion hound as those of you who know me have seen.  At the very least the elastic that holds my hair back matches my jeans or the color of my sneakers.  But on Memorial Day–I love to wear white.  It is liberating to wear white.  It is saying to the world, I can eat pasta and red sauce and not drop any on me, it is saying to the sun–I will not absorb any of your vitamin – D, and most of all it is saying that summer has arrived.

The geese are back, honking their way from one side of the lake to the other, last night i heard a faint whisper of peepers in the woodland and this morning I am drinking my coffee on the deck before getting dressed….I love to love summer and at this time of the year it become my favorite season–for a while.

You see, when I have had enough of getting exactly what I want from the universe a very strange thing happens.  I find myself wanting a much simpler life.  I discover that when I am free from wanting, free from desiring anything more than the feeling that I am having in the moment, a gentle sense of contentment sets in that is a complete anti-thesis to wanting anything.  I must confess that I do have a lovely spot on earth from which to not want anything more.

You might say that where I am living now is a manifestation of what I have wanted in the years past.  My home is situated on a lake, on the side of a hill, surrounded by trees and pines and chirping birds, so you could almost say that I was already in Paradise.  Based on the idea that what I have, I have manifested because some where in the past I have set myself up to receive this; based on that idea I have created my current universe out of the universe that I was born into.  For Star-Trek fans it will be easy to understand.  I have walked through the doors of the “holideck” and I am arrived at the vacation that I am taking from the rest of the fleet.

You might thing that I was talking about manifesting an illusion, but that is not really the case.  Rather, I have taken what the low-hanging fruit are in my world and created a cornucopia filled with the fruit that I like and it is here around me for me to participate in–to what ever extent that I allow.

In part the wearing of white must have to do with the proliferation of colors that the world supplies at this time of the year.  It is easy to be in white and to be an ensemble with anywhere you go.  Take the majestic Iris, were you to stand near the iris in any garden, who you are would be increased 100 fold simply by being near this divine creation of the universe.  As we grow into our world and shed, one thing at a time, the materials that we thought were so important, we discover that the incredible lightness of being, the simple life, is so enormously filled with abundance that we do not really need to possess as much as we have thought we needed to be happy.  Actually, the reverse begins to happen–the more we are in touch, aware, awakened to, the idea the we are a child of the universe, the more we understand that what we need we carry with us.

We are fortunate.  If you are reading this essay–you are fortunate, because it means that you have a computer at your disposal, you have electricity to generate it, and you have education behind you to be able to read and absorb the words.  You are fortunate because you very birth right has placed you in a location where–to more or less, you have the opportunities of a free and abundant world.  You are free to continue reading this, free to go into the world and drink a coffee or a tea and probable free to buy the morning paper and a muffin and turn on the radio and listen to the events happening in the world.

There is a kind of freedom that we have that we take for granted.  I am free to wear white in summer.  I am wealthy enough to own a pair of linen slacks and a silk shirt and a hat to cover my head from the sun beating down.  I am free to engage in conversation and I am free to isolate myself and turn my attention to the remnants of yesterday still lingering in my mind.  I am free to turn my attention to tomorrow, to later today.  I am free to create fantasy, generate desires, engage regrets or simple establish myself in the mystical moment of now.

NOW, is the time to wear white.  Now is the time to relinquish the aspects of you that are cumbersome.

Just think–for the next thirty-seconds, right now, right here in the middle of reading this essay, you can stop and ring a bell in your heart and listen to the sound of the chime as it rises and falls back into obscurity, and as you do this you can breath and clear your mind of any thoughts for just a few seconds and you will awaken to a simpler you………………………………..

“Love is not love if alteration is does find………..”  A Shakespeare sonnet begins with that line and it might as well apply to the whole of the universe as well as to a lover.  When I accept the world for what it is, I find a happier me able to establish myself in the moment and absorb the wealth of the world at my disposal.

You can wear white just about anywhere…


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