America & the size 9 & 1/2 shoe

Welcome to america.  The one size fits all, nine and a half shoe store of the world.  We provide health care, social security, voting rights, human rights, olympic champions & a size nine and a half shoe for everyone in America.  Our needs are all the same here in this wonderful land from the north of Maine to the south of California and from Portland, Oregon to Miami.

We are no longer red and blue states like wee were during the last few decades.  Now we are all the color of a bruise–purple.  We are a deep purple country.  And as long as you earn over one  hundred and fifty dollars and wear a size nine and a half shoe, you have nothing to worry about.  As a matter of fact, the new statistics show that the recession has been over for well over a year if you are in that income bracket.  And, if you are not in that income bracket–what are you waiting for, the water is fine, jump right in.

The is no pre justice in America.  If you want to be free and revel in the perks of a wealthy nation, just adjust your annual income to over $150,000 and your membership to the “Everything-Is-Fine” club will be automatically activated.  The perks to belonging to the everything is fine club are many.  For example, at that income range you do not need to worry about social security–because you have a retirement plan.  Yes, you have a retirement plan and you can feel like a lucky contestant on a day-time game show.  You can choose from a retirement home in South Florida, or you can fly to Arizona for the winter, or you can cruise around the world during the bad-weather months.  And health care is no problem in our wonderful nine and a half world.

Everybody has health care–that is, of course unless you are sick-then your feet might swell to a larger size and since we provide health care for all those in the 9 !/2 range, well you just might have to suffer–just a little until you are back on your feel.  And as soon as you are once again healthy–you can buy health insurance that is good as long as you remain healthy.

Folks, we in America are so lucky.  We are the luckiest nation on earth.  Our people are all alike and if they are not alike, as Americans we simply ignore them and the problem will eventually go away.  It is that simple.  Just remember to bury your head in the sand every time you hear of another person suffering or going without shoes and in no time at all you too will be alive and well and prospering in the wealthy, affluent, upper-crust of America.

I am very proud to be an American.  The land of Enronic opportunity and Madoffian ethics.  From one end of Wall Street to the other, our grand old politics of gridlock, does not yield to anyone.  The government of the lobbyist, by the lobbyist, and for the lobbyist shall not perish from this earth until every last tree has been chopped and every creature that is not a 9 & 1/2  is banished  from public view.  If a tree falls in the forest and you do not see it fall–it is not fallen. If homelessness is hidden from public view it does not exist.

We can count on our size nine and a half politicians and lobbyist and the wealth of the largest corporations to make sure that every bill that goes through congress passes the litmus paper test…if if does not benefit the wealthiest Americans–we do not want it.

A government run by the very wealthy will take care to trickle down all the needs of everyone it serves.  As we prepare for a new round of elections, keep in mind that the very wealthy have our best interest in their purple hearts. They hold the environment sacred, they hold kindness and compassion close to their wallets.

We are ever vigilant.  We have build the best military industrial complex on the face of the earth and for a modest income of $150,000 a year, you too can feel protected by the corporate sponsored lobbyist who will act in a determined fashion to insure that every shoe in America is now and ever will be a comfortable size 9 & a 1/2.


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