old silent movie–reruns

this is not really a political blog.  this is not really a statement of my position or opinion.  this is a warning and a piece of foreshadowing.

I believe that we, the American people are no longer capable of electing a government that can both protect the needs of the economy as well as the needs of the people.  I do not like that I have to differentiate those two groups, but I have no choice left but to accept that big business interest is no longer serving the capitalistic enterprises that my generation grew up with.  Capitalism and Democracy have both failed and it well may be that both have failed because of the same underpinnings.

The two party system is broken.  We get about as far as any child gets playing on a see/saw.  The democrats unseat the republicans because on their watch we built a huge deficit, then the republicans beat the democrats because they have built an even “hugher” deficit.  We do not like what is happening in Washington so we elect the party that is not in, and when we do not like what the party that is in is doing we reelect the party that was just un-elected for the same reason. Neither party get much done because as soon as you are elected you begin to fear that you might next be un-elected.  In this sysem the politicians never get an opportunity to govern because they are either running for something or running away from something.

In the meantime the lobbyist who represent the world’s richest corporations and organizations are the people who stay throughout whom ever is elected.  Since they hold such gigantic purse strings it is they and not the people who elected them that have the ear of congress.  With the recent SUPREME court ruling essentially granting corporations “people status” and simultaneously giving them the ability to not only purchase votes, but essentially to now become politician-makers, we have a proletariat with no voice.

The greatest middle-class give away to global aristocracy took place right under our collective noses, and we did not have the power, strength, fortitude or the money to take them on.  We sat and watched while our homes and our nest eggs were drafted to fight a wall street war.  Wall Street won the war and we the soldiers who provided the muscle for this bail-out war ended us with broken arms, legs and empty pocket books as we watched our life earnings evaporate. It showed to us in glaring accuracy what we did not want to see before.  We have been playing this game with monopoly money and when ever the banker calls in the loan, they win and the game is over.

The wealthiest people in our world have suffered very little.  Oh, they lost money too.  But a bank never loses money, it has the law on its side to call in the mortgage anytime it wants.  And though they have gone out of style the sentiment is really the same as those portrayed in the old silent movies.  The villain breaks into the house, steals the girl, ties her down to a railroad track and waltzes away with the deed in his coat pocket.

Only this time there is to be no hero.  The American Dream with it promise of equality has vanished and it too was never anything more than a paper promise.  Since the large corporations are too big too fail they grow and prosper. The upper crust of our society is protected from failing, they are the only ones who have a social net.

In order for my health insurance to make even more money for its stock holders than it did last year, it has to raise my premiums by 9 to 39 percent.  The insurance does not participate in the losses, they only participate in the gains.  The wealthiest Americans can truly say that they have the best health care system in the world.  The fact that most Americans are underinsured or not insured at all does not enter the equation.

I was using the metaphor of a speeding ticket, recently, to illustrate why the wealthy did not feel this recession we are in.  If a man making two-hundred dollars a week, breaks the law and drives 45 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone,  he will probably have to work at least a week and maybe two to pay the ticket.  If a man makes 20,000 dollars a week, he has his ticket paid off in the first ten minutes of his work week.

Some say that that was justice doled out equally, after all, they did the same crime and paid the same price.  But is equality in this case justice?

I think the villain is the banker who tied the girl to the tracks and ran off with the mortgage in his pocket.

We ought not kid ourselves, we have evil villains  in our midst and they are too big to fall.


4 comments on “old silent movie–reruns

  1. ted says:

    The Egytians, the Greeks and on to the United States. All were destined to become a shining star and all were destined to fail. Do not feel sorrow but take joy in the fact that you were there when the star was the brightest.

    • aldussault says:

      i take sorrow, because the extent of my sorrow is the extent to which I know I have loved…sorrow proves to me that i have loved, perhaps loved and lost, but i have loved and my body revels in that joy….and is tortured in sadness both.

      we have seen the moment of our greatness flicker and i most regret that i can not pass on to the next generation the deluxe world of the 1950’s when we sat in victory, glory and gratitude…..
      It is hard to find gratitude in a decline world….This time it is not the empire of the U.S. that is declining–the world is giving its riches to the 1% upper crust and creating the largest number of poor soul stuck in an immovable crevice of poverty……

  2. mike says:

    Ted, by that argument has my generation and the ones to follow been damned to sorrow?

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