allez-vous mais bon chien

Now does this look like courage or fun?  I can’t help but think that when we are devoted to the vision and the sensations of well being that life becomes an adventure where courage and fun are united into the experience of vitality.  The dimensions of fear, anger and worry drip away when we have our eyes on a prize, up there, just ahead where the moment meets the immediate next.

I had a delightful experience which in many ways characterizes what I mean by keeping our eyes on the prize with the commensurate feeling of vitality that replaces fear when we want something.  I am not much of a cold weather person. For the most part a lake in August is my idea of refreshing.  However, something happened to me on the way to the Montmerancy Falls in Quebec.  I am always so excited to see these tall and majestic water falls when they have been ravaged by a cold Canadian winter.  Water and ice become one big frozen popsicle of awe and delight.

On my way to an, as-close-as-I-can-get visit to this wonder of nature, I ran across a small pack of huskies and a few dog sleds.  I went to play with the dogs as I would any other time.  I said in a recent blog that my constant factor was probably the ocean, but dogs are right up there with what I like to commune with.  The dogs were friendly, as were the people in charge of them.  But suddenly, I overheard one of the people saying that for a modest price you could take a small team of dogs out for a dog-sledding run.

I became excited.  I vibrated with the idea of trying my hand at dog sledding.  There was an echo in me that responded with – I am doing this.  There was no ambivalence, no fear, no thought that I might wander into the great woods of the Laurentian Mountains never to be seen again.  Just a pulsating vibration that said “YES!”

Up until then I had been cold–the temperature ranged from several degrees below zero to a balmy 13 or so degrees in the sun.  But instantly my mind forgot and  I was not in touch with any sensations of cold.  I was on a mission and no pain was too great to tolerate to accomplish this.  I had wanted also to photograph the falls and I made plans to come back to the dogs after I had gotten my up-close photos.  I found my insides dancing with delight,  I walked over the solid ice and snow and through the mist foaming up from the waterfalls.  By the time I got as close as I wanted to, ice was frozen to my coat, my camera bag, my face–I had a thin coat of ice all over me–but I was not cold.

I was not warm either.  I was in the midst of a sensation that was bigger that cold or warmth.  I was in a state of well-being, a state of Grace, provided by the universe.  As I collided with the world around me there was no sensation of time, no sense that i might be making someone wait on my account.  What ever it is that is the universal consciousness, I was one with it and I was the blessing in that moment.

Beside recounting a fun story, what I am wanting to convey is that the world, our environment is only as hostile as we let it be.  Consciousness to the moment allows for the sensation of aliveness and well-being to be fully present.  It is not being shoved aside by fear or worry or tomorrow or anything other than the experience at hand.

And like the cherry atop of a hot chocolate -fudge sundae, I savored for last, my flight into utter enthusiasm.  I went back to where the huskies were frolicking in the snow and picked Monica and Lou to pull me through this winter wonderland on a dog-sled.

It was manifesting at its best.  Because, I was only aiming for what I wanted’ and what I wanted was simply to experience the sensations of joy and delight and wonderment about the world. To end this short piece on one final note of sunshine.  The dogs only spoke French…Allez-vous, mais bon chien…..

Monica                                                                                                               Lou

5 comments on “allez-vous mais bon chien

  1. Ellen says:

    What a fun blog to read! I’m a dog lover too and am ready to run the Iditarod with my team of Huskies in this inspired moment. Thank you, Dr Dussault.

  2. claudette recore says:

    C’est bon!!

  3. Ray says:

    Loved your “Call of the Wild” experience. Ray

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