to wag or to NOT wag your tail

When we use the phrase “getting vibes”  what are we saying?  what does the experience of getting or sending out a vibe feel like?  I think that for the most part we are all fairly convinced that what ever it is that we mean by the word “vibration” we do, each in our own way, have an idea of what it means.

I can walk into a room and hear my ego saying, “yikees, i can’t stand the vibes in this room.” I know what that means for me.  It is at the very least a sensation that I feel, not think, that I am uncomfortable–there is something about the experience of myself in the room that I do not like. Is the experience of the vibration a sensation that is pulsating in the room that my senses  are picking up, or is it my own vibration experiencing the room that I am sending to my brain.  Another words is the feeling coming from an objective or subjective source.

Putting the problem aside for a moment of source, let’s look at a more definitivequestion?  Do I put out vibes?  Do I take the experience of my inner world, at any given moment, and do I send those vibrations out into the atmosphere around me. Or to word the question in another way, does my mood, good or bad, find a way of projecting itself out around me so that someone close by might register what that mood is without my having to speak about the mood?

I think that we do.  i am convinced that when I step up to a cashier at a market that in a matter of seconds, if I am paying attention to my inner world, I will be able to “pick-up” the vibes and determine if the cashier is in a good or bad mood…that is pretty obvious.  From that example we can all probably extrapolate to an event in our own lives where we emitted or received the exact nature of a mood.  Essentially, the mood without the use of words communicated itself to another sensate being something about the internal landscape.  And, no words were used.

I had a very sensitive dog, named Oreo, she was the most loving creature.  She wandered in her world looking only for an opportunity to wag her tail.  If I was to come home in a bad mood, some horrible pot hole just swallowed another tire, or it took me an extra hour to get home, because some jerk forget to put up the detour sign….Oreo would come running up to me, “smell” my mood and if it was anger she would lower her tail between her legs and skulk away–dejected.

We do spread our moods into the world, and given enough time we spread or moods, our vibrations into the room, into our mates, into our children and our families and friends and indeed, into the universe.

Having established, at least subjectively, that moods and vibrations do exist and they can have an impact on the universe around us.  I will stop here and collect my thoughts for the next essay.  What impact can a mood or vibration have on how the universe ‘experiences” me.

Willie’s experience of the universe when Bernie is not home…………….

3 comments on “to wag or to NOT wag your tail

  1. bernard butler says:

    I get the vibe it really clear, not all people can fell the vibe, or pick it up.. I understand its all in the body language. I enjoyed reading this..

  2. In my judgement,these vibes affect everything and everyone around us. There is absoultely no doubt about the fact that we can make everyone around us very happy or we can make them extremely miserable.
    I am always conscious of it and trying not to put out the “bad” vibes but sometimes you can not control it. A casual encounter with the grocery clerk is one thing, but our loved ones and co workers are affected much more intensely. As a matter of fact I would go so far as to say that it could make or break a relationship or career. Some people are aware and try to work on this in their social interactions and their are other people who just don’t get it and they just go through life as if they are the only ones in the Universe, crashing into everything and everyone around them like bulls in a china shop.

  3. Phebs says:

    My room has the clutter vibe.

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