beauty contest or senate race

I really am delighted that we elected a handsome playboy centerfold man to the Senate.  Actually, had it been a bathing suit contest, I may well have voted for him myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with handsome men, I think we have too few of them, if anything.  And the idea that he could become the new “face” of the republican tea-bag party is really stimulating in many ways.

If you pair him up with the other beauty queen, Sarah Palin, you could come out with a very beautiful baby.  And it would be the first time in a long time that politics would have labored to produce such a bundle of joy.  The last gift that the senate attempted to put under our christmas trees was a glittering health insurance mandate that felt more like a tax that a present. So let’s see what politicians can do when we begin to elect them on the basis of looks.

Maybe the Huffington Post could run a beauty contest and the state that produces the most beautiful man or woman might win a fat check to improve education,  Or in another contest we might have them dancing to the stars and the couple that most reflected down home values might win a transportation grant to repair bridges.

OH, the possibilities are endless when you begin to mix sex with politics.  Just remember back to Franklin and Eleanor, what a handsome couple they made.  And, how can we forget the triangle Bill, Monica and Hilary created for our national consciousness..

But, I am missing my point.  I wanted to talk about just how wonderful I thought it was that the arrogant, passive democrats lost Ted Kennedy’s seat to a cute young  republican whippersnapper.  I am delighted for this one reason in particular.  What if this national embarrassment were to act as a wake up call.  What if by taking a hard long look at the meaning of this win we were to discover that democrats are sick of the meek orator without lions’ teeth.

I wish I had voted for Hilary.

When I saw the Health Insurance Bill watered down to something that the Insurance companies loved, I could not believe that we had squandered away our 60 member majority kowtowing and catering to the republican right that would not do anything except hope that it would fail–that way the President would fail and they would have a chance to be elected in 2112.

Underhanded propaganda, lies about death panels looking to kill your grandmother and scare tactic warning of the government in the medical exam room, all swayed voters.  I can understand how that would sway a voter to the far right, but it is not the far right that won the “Ted Kennedy” seat.  It is the democrats who lost it.  Unlike the republicans who vote as a block of ice, the democrats will fight amongst themselves when they have run out of republicans to fight with.

The Obama Administration in its sickeningly sweet approach to compromise gave away the whole thing one inch at a time. And they did not only do that with Health Care, Tim & Larry did it with wall street.

The republican win in Massachusetts is a good thing, because it could, I said could, wake up the party and the administration to the fact that 2010 elections will be a disaster unless democrats grow teeth and grow them very rapidly. Bush the Second, used reconciliation to push through the biggest tax cuts to the super rich that this country has ever seen. He  shamelessly use 9/11 to promote a war that he went gunning after.  He  looked silly at best dressed in flight gear floating onto a battleship declaring Mission Accomplished.  He could have been Mary Poppins for all I care.  He boldly and arrogantly pushed through his agenda until the very last day of his office.  He did not care that the left hated him.  He got his job done for his base.

No so for Obama…he crashed and burned with the economy, as we sat and watched the middle class get robbed of its entire equity.  This period will go down in history as the biggest middle class give away to the global aristocracy.  We have dug a hole that we can not fill.  And if we continue to compromise away our values, the financial give away will pale in comparison to the desperation that will set in when we begin to notice that we have given away our dignity and our integrity as well.

We are witnessing wall street becoming the seat of the government.  Corporate take over in the shape of “too-big-too-fail” will sound like this:  The Senator from the great state of Enron yields to the Senator from the great state of Blackwater. While health care and wall street continue to rob the average american of cash & dignity, we are at this very moment funding the largest military mercenary army in history.  Hired guns know more about intelligence secrets than even the senate foreign relations committee.

Folks, do not take it from me–all my sources are second hand at best.  Go and read for yourself, dig, google and bing your way to the truth.  Look at what is happening.  Our passive glances are dangerous to our way of life.  Corporations are a way of life to America.  The birth of the corporation and the subsequent standing that  corporations have in our legal system perpetuates a delusion.  Because it is impossible to “birth” a corporation.  A corporation is a thing, a man made thing that has no real body and no real soul.  What is is a contract.  But it is a contract that has been given the status of a person with all the legal rights of a person.


One comment on “beauty contest or senate race

  1. Bernard butler says:

    This blog is very good to look at and your words dig deep into the root of the problem the democrats are to easy going. After reading this blog I think the democrats need to grow some (BALLS)!!

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