A Color of Moss: a walking meditation

a color of moss

What a wonderful experience!  What a magical time I had on a walk in the forest that borders my home. I met a very interesting man. At first I thought him to be stuck-up and full of himself because he seemed to not be able to stop talking. I was on a quiet meditative walk and found him to be an annoying presence.  When i decided to quickly take a different trail that the one I was walking on, he said, “OH, I’ll follow you, I am not use to these woods, where does this trail lead?”   I felt like not even being polite, but something told me to just let him come along.

Suddenly, as if a shift had happened in the wind, he began to ask me questions about myself and seemed genuinely interested in who I was.  He demeanor was gentle and though his questions were probing I did not find him intrusive.  On the contrary in no time we were engaged in a delightful conversation about life and vitality and the sapping energyof dreadful, bad moods that can take one over in a flash of a second…


I was delighted to discover that he was as prone to bouts of depression as I was.  It is not so much that I reveled in his anguish, as much as it was “fun” to have someone understand me quite so fully.  I thought it was such a narcissistic happening.  Here I was about to dislike this guy when all of a sudden he reminds me of me and I find myself liking him.

He complained about all of the same issues that i complain about–not enough money, desire to live in a better place, lack of genuine satisfaction despite the fact that all the accoutrements of life were in abundance in both of our lives. The longer we walked the more we seemed to have “issues” in common.  I noticed that he was overweight.  And, rather than judging him for this lack of self-care, I found myself in complete sympathy with his lack of discipline, his interest in the intellectual and cultural elements and particularly his keen desire to spend a good deal of his life’s time in creative pursuit of writing and painting and reading.

I thought that on him the weight did not look bad and I found myself thinking that perhaps I was not as discouragingly heavy to someone else’s eye as I might be to myself.  Even as we were in the middle of a friendly discussion about particular likes and dislikes, I discovered that if I could have a small drop of compassion for him, perhaps I could generate that same compassion for myself.   Soon, I was laughing and talking about plays that I had seen and about old friends that I missed and even about how upset I still was that my dog had died this past summer.  As we were emerging from these woods, I can remember thinking that this was a wonderful walk and I had decided that what I needed was to take my body for a walk at least several times a week.

art reflects nature

I had my camera with me and I spotted a small pond that was generating these most exquisite reflections.  I excused myself saying that I wanted to take a few shots of these images.  I squatted down and composed a digital shot or two or three, all the time still carrying on a mild conversation with this person who had accompanied me on this Sunday afternoon stroll in these gorgeous November woods.  Just as it occurred to me that I did not know this man’s name, I turned to say, “Hey, what’s your name, by the way?”

He was gone, no sight of him.  I called out, “Hello,” “Hello,” but no one responded.  I looked all around and the only thing that could have happened was that he had disappeared into thin air.  But, that was not a plausible explanation!

I continued on my walk, on my way home at this point and I was sad, sad that this non-stop speaking voice was gone. Where I had begun the walk in annoyance because this entity was bothering my silence, I now found myself in annoyance because this entity had disappeared just as quickly as he had appeared.

By the time I reached my home, the sun was a bit lower in the sky and all the colors of late autumn were shimmering against the steel-blue lake.  I sat to write about my experience and now I am not sure if I met anyone on this walk or not.  I think I may have made up this strange bed-fellow.  I think that my imagination wanted a companion and my imagination manifested one.

Next, I am going to attempt to manifest $90,000 dollars.  That is the minimum amount I would need to fulfill my needs as well as the needs of several other folks that I know.

I don’t think that I am going to publish this experience.  It is just too weird, just too new age and that has always bothered me.

I am a rational thinker and there is no place for the occult in my life.  So I am going to keep this experience a secret.


7 comments on “A Color of Moss: a walking meditation

  1. Nancy says:

    fascinating! absolutely captivating!!

  2. Kim says:

    Al, It is a must our walk together! You will than receive my response : ) XO Kim
    PS Fabulous pictures!

  3. robertashine says:

    Ilove the way you write and think but I found myself intrigued by this stranger you met and then lost. We are so alike in our pain and joy. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

  4. Ray says:

    Loved your beautiful tale of self engagement and forgiveness. Ray

  5. Natalie Webb says:

    November 9th
    I appreciate the love and and connectedness in your creative writing. The pictures are awesome. Look forward to your story telling like a child waiting for her bedtime tale.

  6. Bill says:

    It sounds like you ran into yourself.

  7. phebs says:

    Dear Al,
    you were walking with yourself.
    Nut the lake is all alone, a stunner.


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