The Courage to Enjoy Fluff

onion & radish_PaintingThe courage to enjoy my work is not one that I arrived at easily.  Actually, I find it very difficult to let myself like any work of fine art that I produce.  All I can say about my work is that I do a lot of it.  The Painting depicted above was the first watercolor that i ever attempted aside from perhaps water painting in a coloring book.  So you can imagine my trepidation at showing this to anyone.  But I was told that if I wanted to expand and enjoy my creativity that I would have to put my pride aside.

So, I photographed this “work” and e mailed it to my sister.   Now, you have to understand that this sister knows me like a book, we have been trading secrets since our bedrooms were divided by no more than a thick curtain.  I anxiously awaited her response.  I had written a newsy e mail and simply included this picture.

“Hey Al, got your recent e mail…thanks for writing, but what the hell was that scary, or hairy creature that you sent me a picture of.  Was there some alien invasion that I did not hear about–what, in god’s name was that?”

It took me a few day to summon the courage to tell her it was a still life of an avocado, a radish and an onion.   “Well, warn me next time–scared the crap out of me.”

Let me tell you, this comment did not dissuade me from furthering my ambition to become a water colorist–but it did go a long way in advising me that if I was going to engage in several years of practice, I had better thicken my skin.  It takes a lot of courage to enjoy fluff.  My second painting may never hang in a gallery, but at least I do not have to explain it.  It’s even framed.P1090224


One comment on “The Courage to Enjoy Fluff

  1. DenzelWP says:

    Hello there, Did you have a happy Halowen? !!

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