wickenden runThis morning was a sweet october morn.  I got up early enough to fill my mind with empty space before even brewing the coffee & I was able to find the stillness that often hides behind the defense of the ego so throughly that I can not find the still spot.  But that was not the case this morning.  I awoke long before the alarm and I spent at least a half hour in my journal.  I tried to write on the computer in this blog but I encountered technical difficulties so i abandoned that idea quickly…I know how little frustration it takes to know me off my pins.  So I did not proceed with any idea that held any amount of frustration.  That was my morning gift to myself and it worked out very nicely.

When I am able to manage the continuous stream of consciousness-language that is the backdrop of my mind, I am able to feel like I can do anything.  I begin to experience myself as a part of a greater universe and my role is to function well.  I do not need to accomplish, I simply need to function.  The movement away from outcome brings me to an affinity with process that I have always been identified with.  Under the spell of interbeing, I am able to get on with my day without the fears brought about by my ego that can act hysterically like an abandoned child.

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  1. thegreeningspirit says:

    Very handsome blog! Upon reading your last paragraph I was wishing I had an extra copy to send you of David Spangler’s re-issue and updating of his classic “The Laws of Manifestation” which clearly delineate how we “manifest” our best Selves…not Ego, but “Soul Presence” through knowing ourselves as a part of a flowing Universe. Our work in the world is to fully be who we are! There’s great peace in that! Keep posting! Christine

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